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The Power of Good Art

Written by Terrell Carter.
Art can be a beautiful thing. It has the potential to be transformative, both aesthetically and practically. This is possible because certain art has certain power. It has the power to change. It has the power to change someone’s mood on a cloudy day. It has the power to amuse someone when they are not feeling lighthearted. But, it also has the power to educate. It can be used to expose things that have long been hidden.

Amigos de lo Ajeno
"Amigos de lo Ajeno" (Corrupt) Linocut by Carlos Barberena.

Good art has the ability to change the generations. It has the power to change minds, hearts, and communities. In the hands of the right person, or right people, art can do all of these things and more. In the hands of politically conscious artists like Carlos Barberena and Seitu James Smith, art reaches its full potential to make a difference.
In the hands of artists who are more concerned about their communities than capitalism, viewers are introduced to works and ideas that can help understand the moral and ethical values of diverse societies, and how these values contribute to the creation, change, and destruction of social structures.
Carlos, who was born in Granada, Nicaragua, say of his work, “Since 1990, art has given me the freedom to travel over the ocean of my memories, permitting me to express my sentiments and through this, dig deeply into the vastness of human knowledge, knowledge which has helped me to better understand the world that surrounds us.”

The Refugees (after Larraz)
"The Refugees" after Larraz. Woodcut by Carlos Barberena.

Through his work, viewers are encouraged to make informed life decisions by being challenged to identify their own personal values and how they are developed. Are they developed in response to commercials and neatly packaged advertisements? Or are they formed by a conscious desire to contribute to something bigger than themselves. Viewers are then challenged to analyze the moral implications of choices they make based on the basis of these values.

El Niño y la Nube
"El Niño y la Nube" after Amighetti. Woodcut by Carlos Barberena.

Carlos says of his work, “With my work, I seek to be a vector of change, collecting images that pertain to our collective memory and that in certain form, make reference to painful events in the history of my country and of the world.” A world which, in spite of regular advances in technology and medicine, still reels from the affects of wars, as well as political and social disparities.
When exposed to the works of Carlos, viewers are presented with a visual language that helps them understand key issues and concepts that are relevant to various marginalized groups (economic, racial, and social) which aim to empower the viewer to better understand, and eventually appreciate, those groups. Viewers are inherently challenged to compare and contrast their own economic, racial, social, and cultural practices and consider how these practices have historically affected these previously identified groups.

"Monk" Painting by Seitu Smith.

Seitu’s work is a reflection of his faith, knowledge, and life experience, both positive and negative. His work shows a personal commitment to engaging and challenging the world to be honest in how it sees itself. Seitu, a highly regarded painter who resides in St. Louis, presents works that address ideas and issues of inequality between communities; privilege versus poverty; natural versus unnatural; and spiritual versus physical.

the magic city
"The Magic City" Painting by Seitu Smith.

This is evident in his images like the powerful painting concerning the past political controversies surrounding the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, former pastor to President Obama. Smith created a mixed media portrait of embattled minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright that can take up an entire wall of any gallery. In the image Rev. Wright stand in his pulpit, microphone in hand, preaching. But at the same time, his arms are extended as he is nailed to a cross and blood drips from his hands to the ground, reminiscent of classical portrayals of Christ. “This man, Rev. Wright, is a man who has done so much for so many people,” Smith says. “He doesn’t have a blemish anywhere to be cited as someone of ill repute. I want people to look at this piece and to think in terms of who this man is and not how he was once portrayed by the media during the presidential campaign.”

front mira copy
Painting by Seitu Smith.
In the hands of capable artists like Carlos and Seitu, there is not question as to whether art can be used as a valid tool for political, racial, and social expression. In the world created by Carlos and Seitu, viewers are challenged to address their own assumptions about class and race. Viewers are challenged to acknowledge and address the impact that their assumptions and decisions relating to class and race have on them and those around them. They are challenged to identify and acknowledge conflicts between their value systems and their surrounding community.

Self-Portrait after Van Gogh
"Self-Portrait after Van Gogh". Woodcut by Carlos Barberena.

Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, Associate Professor of Art at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, once said, “I am not interested in telling a story of oppression, but a story of being, contributing, and building with…powerful wisdom…” In their own ways Carlos and Seitu both hold to the same sentiment. They create work that acknowledges the struggle of those who fight against oppression, through wisdom and inner strength, to build better lives for themselves and future generations, wherever they may be living. That is the power of good art.

60 minutes man
"60 Minutes Man" Painting by Seitu Smith.

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Nosotros, Los Otros / We, The Others

The Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates (MIRA) would like to invite you to the 2nd annual Art Exhibition: “Nosotros, Los Otros/ We, The Others” Will feature the work of the Chicago-based Nicaraguan artist Carlos Barberena with St. Louis based-African American artist Seitu Smith. Their works connect with the nation's multicultural heritage and address the social, economic and political obstacles faced by "the others".

Nosotros LosOtros / We The Others

Opening: Friday, November 18th 6:00PM - 9:00PM.
Old North Saint Louis Restoration Group,
2700 N. 14th Street, St Louis, MO. 63106.
Gallery Talk with the Artists, Sat. November 19, 1:00PM.

Exhibit runs from November 18th through December 11th, 2011.

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Immoral Reality

PROSPECTUS Art Gallery Presents:


 A two-man exhibition by two Nicaraguan artists. 

 Carlos Barberena - César Barberena 

 Opening reception: Saturday, November 12th from 5:00 p.m. – 10:00p.m.

November 12th, 2011 through January 14th, 2012 

  novus ordo seclorum 
"Novus Ordo Seclorum" Linocut by Carlos Barberena. 2011.

 Chicago, Illinois - Prospectus Art Gallery is pleased on presenting a comprehensive exhibition called “IMMORAL REALITY” by two Nicaraguan artists. 

Carlos Barberena’s work was selected to represent Nicaragua in the XIII Art Salon, Identity Imprint: A Glance at Ibero-American Printmaking at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington DC. The V Biennial of Caribbean with the Umbrellas Project and in the III Body Art Conference in Venezuela. He also has created many installations in public spaces in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Venezuela. 

César Barberena is a visual artist from Granada, Nicaragua based in Maryland. He attended the school of fine Arts, Granada, the National school of Art, Managua, Nicaragua. He has exhibited in the Washington metropolitan area since 1990. His works are included in many private and public collections. Please join us for the grand reception at Prospectus in the Pilsen neighborhood, the heart of today’s Mexican Renaissance. 

Your presence will strengthen the local development of the arts in times like the present. 

Free admission. Parking will be available. 

PROSPECTUS ART GALLERY 1210 West 18th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60608 / 
(312) 733-6132, Contact: Israel Hernandez.

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Lustful Appetite

Lustful Appetite 
An Exhibit by Carlos Barberena 

1) Opening Reception with the Artist: Friday November 11, 6-10PM Chicago, IL 

2) Printmaking Demo: 8pm - 10pm Watch printmaking demo or print your own; 
Proceeds of these prints to be donated to HumanThread! 

3) OneWorld Speaker Series: 7pm -8pm (starts promptly at 7pm) 
The Perils of Monsanto, the Pitfalls of the Market: Fair Trade Coffee Producers in the Global System Speaker: Molly Doane, PhD, Asst. Prof. of Anthropology, UIC. 

Opening Reception: Friday November 11, 6-10PM Chicago, IL

—The HumanThread Center in Pilsen’s Chicago Arts District, joined by artist Carlos Barberena, generates a magnetic presence during November with the next exhibition in its thought-provoking series. Celebrating a culture of peace, HumanThread expresses Chicago’s creative culture by curating monthly exhibitions that discuss issues of cultural identity and social importance. 

Lustful Appetite, which runs November 4-29, is a provocative collection of linoleum cuts that confront social and ecological injustices triggered by the rampant voracity and fraudulent schemes of governments and corporations. Barberena draws inspiration from the masters and employs a re-conceptualization of their familiar imagery to communicate the lethal sins committed by these institutions and entities. Lustful Appetite is an unabashed and necessary commentary that’s raising awareness of the dissolute and licentious practices committed globally. 

 The opening reception is November 11 from 6-10PM in association with The Chicago Arts Districts 2nd Friday Gallery Night. Barberena will be present to discuss his work and highlights the reception with an engaging printmaking demonstration that will produce an edition of small prints to acquire. 

The exhibition is open by appointment November 4-29. 

 Carlos Barberena is a self-taught artist from Nicaragua who works in a variety of media. He has exhibited in numerous arts festivals and biennales as well as museums and galleries throughout North and South America and Europe. 

HumanThread is a non-profit organization, seeking to popularize a Culture of Peace through educational, artistic and cultural programs and events focused on youth. 

The HumanThread Center: 645 W 18th Street, Chicago, IL 60616 
Website: www.humanthread.net Phone: 312.243.9423 Email: humanthread.net@gmail.com 

Curators: Scott Renfro (renfrosj@gmail.com) and Allison Meyer (allie.lassar@gmail.com)

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La Calaca Press at Expressions Graphics

Expressions Graphics is pleased on presenting:
La Calaca Press International Print Exchange
151 Printmakers / 20 Countries
Saturday November 5th, 6:30PM-9:30PM
Exhibit runs from November 5th through November 29th, 2011
Calacas at Expressions Graphics
La Calaca Press Iternational Print Exchange is a traveling exhibition and print exchange organized by Carlos Barberena - a nicaraguan printmaker based in Chicago - The main idea of this Project is promote printmaking and create connections with printmakers around the World.

 In this project are participating 151 printmakers with 150 works from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Serbia, South Africa, Spain and the United States.

  ...“The strength of this show lies not only in the quality of its prints, but also in the diversity of printmaking techniques. Fine woodcuts, lithographs, etchings, mezzotints, screenprints, and even a solar plate print are notable." Nancy Moyer, Professor Emerita of Art from UTPA, is an art critic for The Monitor. She may be reached at nmoyer@rgv.rr.com

Special thanks to Expressions Graphics, Fundación Casa de los Tres Mundos and the Art House Studios. more information at: http://calacapress.blogspot.com

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Santitos in Mexico

Print Portfolio a collaboration with 35 printmakers and produced by Arceo Press in Chicago.
Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Russia, USA.
Opening: Tuesday, November 1st, 8:00PM.
Salón de Gráfica del Instituto Municipal del Arte y la Cultura.
Durango, Durango, Mexico.

Santitos exhibition in Mexico

La Calaca Press: La huesuda que rie

La huesuda que ríe. 
Grabados alusivos a la muerte son presentados de manera humorística por pintores y grabadores internacionales.
  Arnulfo Agüero / Cultura La Prensa, Nicaragua

La Calaca Press es un proyecto internacional de la estampa de la muerte, organizado por el grabador Carlos Barberena, quien radica en Chicago. La muestra se estará exhibiendo en Granada con motivo de la tradicional celebración del Día de los Muertos.
Dia de los Muertos
Y la idea básica de esta colectiva del grabado es dar una visión internacional actualizada sobre esta temática de la producción gráfica de las “calacas” y crear conexiones con grabadores alrededor del mundo por medio de convocatorias, exposiciones e intercambios de obra. A la fecha ha organizado con apoyo de Expressions Graphics, Fundación Casa de los Tres Mundos y el Art House Studios esta muestra de exhibición itinerante en ciudades de Estados Unidos y Nicaragua. En esta exposición de libre interpretación, participan 151 artistas, con 150 obras provenientes de Francia, España, Grecia, Irlanda, Italia, Alemania, Australia, Austria, República Checa, Serbia y África, Canadá, Estados Unidos, México, Puerto Rico, Chile, Colombia Argentina, Bolivia y Nicaragua.

Dead Tandem

Las obras han sido realizadas en las técnicas tradicionales del grabado, en relieve, hueco grabados, litografías y serigrafía, en un formato de 9 x 7 pulgadas, impresas en papel hecho a mano. Entre los exponentes figuran: Bill Fick, Michael Barnes y Sean Start Wars, integrantes de la gráfica contemporánea más importante en los Estados Unidos, los Outlaw Printmakers. Asimismo grabadores de reconocida trayectoria internacional, como René Arceo, Marwin Begaye, Julia Curran, Nicolás de Jesús, Tyler Krawsowski, Ramiro Rodríguez, Reynaldo Santiago, Melanie Yazzie, entre otros.
Never Stop Dancing

El 2 de noviembre a las 7:00PM se inaugura la exposición en la Casa de los Tres Mundos en Granada, Nicaragua, hasta el 16 de noviembre. La muestra es itinerante y en enero del 2012 se exhibirá en Lauderhill Arts Center, Florida. Participan 151 artistas, con 150 obras provenientes Francia, España, Grecia, Irlanda, Italia, Alemania, Australia, Austria, República Checa, Serbia y África, Canadá, Estados Unidos, México, Puerto Rico, Chile, Colombia Argentina, Bolivia y Nicaragua.

La Calaca Press Exhibit at La Casa de los Tres Mundos

La Calaca Press International Print Exchange at Casa de los Tres Mundos

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La Calaca Press at the Art House Studios

ART EXHIBIT: "Calaca Press"

It’s the time of year for South Texas artists to bring out the Calaveras, and Art House Studios has done it with style and freshness. “Calaca Press International Print Exchange” completely fills the three gallery spaces and features one hundred-forty small, original prints. Nicaraguan printmaker, Carlos Barberena, who has established his Calaca Press in Chicago, organized the exhibit. Having conceived of the idea of bringing international printmakers together, he put out a call for submissions on Facebook. The word spread from there, attracting prints from three hundred printmakers and representing nineteen countries.
Golden Moonlights
 "Golden Moonlights" Woodcut by Dani Triay.

Barberena wanted to do a show on Calacas, which is the folklore of Aztec and Mexico mixed, ” explained Reynaldo Santiago, Art House Studios’ Curator.  “It’s not quite a day of the dead... the other countries and the U.S. Midwest, they don’t have a Day of the Dead, but they interpret what Calacas means in their own terms and their own culture. So that’s what we have here.” The prints overwhelmingly depict Calaveras; some pick up on Día de los Muertos symbolism, while others are comfortably European in their stylistic referencing. Others are refreshingly non-referential.
  • What:“Calaca Press International Print Exchange”
  • Where: Art House Studios, 1009 Laurel, McAllen
  • When: Through October 28.  Hours: Mon-Thurs, 1-7pm; Sat, 9am-5pm.
  • Contact: Raquel Hinojosa, Art Director at 956-688-6461 or 956-309-8352.
Cupid's New Bow
"Cupid's New Bow" Screenprint by Clay McGlamory.

Clay McGlamory offers a chilling new take on traditional imagery with “Cupids New Bow,” a four-color screenprint with enamel varnish. In this dark vision, a child stands holding an automatic weapon. A burst of light exposes a feathered wing.

Death Rattle
"Death Rattle" Litograph by Lisette Chavez.

Another print with strong, but unnerving content is “Death Rattle” by Lisette Chavez. The child's toy is shown with a skull as the rattle. There is no humor here.

La Katrina de Azuca
 "La Katrina de Azúca" Screenprint by Marwin Begaye.

“La Katrina de Azucar,” a screenprint by Marwin Begaye, uses the traditional festive Katrina image to deftly combine both humor and biting social commentary. Jauntily clustered atop the Katrina’s flowered and feathered hat nestles much of the fast food that will ultimately kill us. A centrally placed coca-cola bottle displays the words, Enjoy Obesity, as its logo.

Death and the Printmaker
 "Death and the Printmaker" Woodcut by Liv Rainy-Smith.

Liv Rainy-Smith’s woodcut, “Death and the Printmaker,” feels more European in its conceptual origin. Although the style is contemporary, the interplay of the printmaker dancing with a Calavera (death) is more reminiscent of Northern Renaissance printmaking.

José Guadalupe Posada
 "José Guadalupe Posada" Print by Linda Lucía Santana and Coco Rico.

Some artists pay homage to the Masters. “Jose Guadalupe Posada” by Linda Lucia Santana and Coco Rico, and “’Los Muertos’ según Francisco Marco de Goya Hernández” by Marco Hernandez, both present excellent realistic portraiture alongside imagery referencing the Masters’ styles.

"Los Muertos" según Francisco Marco de Goya Hernandez
"Los Muertos" según Francisco Marco de Goya Hernandez by Marco Hernandez

The strength of this show lies not only in the quality of its prints, but also in the diversity of printmaking techniques. Fine woodcuts, lithographs, etchings, mezzotints, screenprints, and even a solar plate print are notable. This particular selection of prints weighs heavily in favor of a spread of U.S. artists. According to Santiago, the rest of the “Calaca Press International Print Exchange” collection will be shown in 2012. Perusing these prints is definitely time well spent.

Nancy Moyer, Professor Emerita of Art from UTPA, is an art critic for The Monitor. She may be reached at nmoyer@rgv.rr.com

Art House Studios Presents: La Calaca Press International Print Exchange

Art House Studios Presents: La Calaca Press International Print Exchange.
Calaca Press Art House Studios
Opening: Friday, October 7th, 6:00PM to 10:00PM. Art House Studios 1009 Laurel Ave. McAllen, Texas, USA. Exhibit runs from Oct. 7th through Oct. 28th, 2011.
Art House Studios
Art House Studios
Art House Studios
Art House Studios
Art House Studios
Art House Studios
Art House Studios
Art House Studios
Photos by Reynaldo Santiago / Art House Studios.

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Arceo Press Print Portfolios

Concordia University Chicago Celebrates Latino History Month

 "Arceo Press’s Print Portfolios"


Concordia University Arceo Press

Opening Reception: Sunday, September 11, 2–4 PM  

Exhibit Open to Public: August 15 – September 25, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 7–8 PM Artist’s Talk by René Arceo
at Werner Auditorium located next door to the Gallery.

Carmen Alarcón • Meiko Ando • José Andreu • René Arceo • Carlos Barberena • Michael Barnes • Arturo Barrera • Catherine Cajandig • Mizraim Cárdenas • Mario E. Castillo • Juan De Dios Mora • Gerardo De la Barrera • Héctor Duarte • Roberto Ferreyra • Enrique Flores • Juan Fuentes • Esperanza Gama • Sal García • Marta González • Judith Jaidinger • Celeste Jaime • Salvador Jiménez • Beverly Keys •  Rosanna Mark • Dolores Mercado • BettyAnn Mocek • Oscar Moya • Mark Nelson • Teresa Parker • Antonio Pazarán • Eufemio Pulído • Marcela Ramírez • Janet Schill • Reynaldo Santiago • Ricardo X. Serment • Diana Solís • Eva Solíz • Ginny Sykes • José Terrazas • Benjamín Varela • Maureen Warren • John P. Weber • 

Concordia University Chicago

Ferguson Art Gallery

7400 Augusta Street
River Forest, Illinois

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Tinta en las Venas

Alvaro de la Rocha* / La Prensa Literaria
No es una coincidencia que los hermanos Barberena de la Rocha hagan su propuesta “Tinta en la Sangre”, Tres grabadores nicaragüenses a miles de kilómetros de su patria, en una ciudad que, como Chicago, se precia contar con múltiples instituciones artísticas que atestiguan la presencia de casi cada uno de los rincones del mundo.
Immoral Reality
"Immoral Reality" Obra Gráfica de César Barberena.
En la obra que cubre la portada de la invitación , de César Barberena (1962), el niño inmigrante tiende a refugiarse en la morada de si mismo ó en la sombra de cualquier  manera familiar ausencia ó referencia, del número que se ausenta de su frente: una historia que refleja desplazamiento, ansiedad, de lo inesperado, circunstancias del tiempo que no son necesariamente las esperadas, pero que se vuelve reto de lo impredecible y entendimiento sin aceptación.
"Desdoblamiento" Obra Gráfica de Robert Barberena.
Artísticamente Robert Barberena (1961), coincide viniendo de edades de tiempo pero no en lo pictórico, mas bien, en un intento de atar reglas que respondan a los cambios económicos y políticos del país. Con una excepcional dinámica en sus composiciones Robert nos revela un temperamento inquieto, pero no rebelde, más bien un poco acomodado, de eminencia romántica, que considera lo humano síntesis lineales produciendo dinámicos y tensos resultados.
The Refugees (after Larraz)
"The Refugees" Obra Gráfica de Carlos Barberena.
Carlos, el menor de los tres, obsesionado por ganarle a sus tormentas de carácter, el artista se vuelve preso de símbolos, soltando una re-vivencia histórica de los grandes maestros e inclusive incorporando semejanza del grabado mexicano de Posada, Lola Cueto y el grabado popular brasilero. Con mucho énfasis en erradicar los gestos en contra de la inmigración, inspirado en lograr un lenguaje de entendimiento bajo la rigurosa forma del consumismo.
El trabajo de Carlos consigue un final distintivo, trabajando en vías paralelas protesta y metáfora hasta encontrar un momento de esa paz interna.
Esta es una muestra que merece ser vista, analizada y quizás un poco de análisis de nosotros mismos.

*Miembro de la Asociación Internacional de Críticos de Arte.
- Robert, Carlos y César Barberena exhiben más de 25 grabados en la galería Expressions Graphics de la ciudad de Chicago, con temas sobre migración, el consumismo, raíces indígenas y las próximas elecciones en Nicaragua.-

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Ink on the Veins

Expressions Graphics is pleased on presenting:

Ink on the Veins
*Image: "Stop" Linocut by César Barberena. 2011.

"INK ON THE VEINS" by three Nicaraguan Printmakers:Robert Barberena, César Barberena and Carlos Barberena*For the first time the three brothers are exhibiting their Prints together in the US.

Please join us for the opening reception with the artists:
Thursday, August 18th, from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.

Exhibition runs from August 18th through September 11th, 2011.
Expressions Graphics 29 Harrison Street, Oak Park, IL 60304

Three Nicaraguan Printmakers.

Robert Barberena De La Rocha.
Robert is a visual artist based in his hometown Granada, Nicaragua. He Attended the school of fine Arts in Granada and the National school of Arts, Managua, Nicaragua.

He has had solo exhibitions in Costa Rica, Germany and Nicaragua. His work has been exhibiting in group exhibitions in Galleries, Art Biennials, Museums and Art Festivals in various places including Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, USA and Venezuela.

He has received various awards, most notably the 1st place in the National Printmaking Contest at La Casa de los Tres Mundos in Granada, Nicaragua in 1997 and the 1st place in the National Festival of the Arts in San José, Costa Rica in 1992.

César Barberena.
He is a visual artist from Granada, Nicaragua based in Maryland. He Attended the school of fine Arts, Granada, Nicaragua, the National school of Arts, Managua, Nicaragua. He has exhibited in the Washington metropolitan area since 1990. His paintings are include in many private and public collections.

"César Barberena's subjects embody collective archetypes, symbols of the soul perpetually present, even – and particularly – in the murky confines of our most stultified urges and desires. His language is cryptic, inasmuch as it speaks to us in profound metaphors, incongruent and disturbing to the undiscerning ear. Therefore, to distill meaning from such imagery, we must first abandon life's common course and enter the dark gates of the subconscious."
(Gabriel Traversari. Fragment of "Embracing the Dream")

Carlos Barberena.
He is a Nicaraguan self-taught visual artist based in Oak Park, IL.
He has had solo shows in Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain and the USA.
His work has been shown in group exhibitions in various Art Fairs, Art Biennials, Museums, Galleries, Cultural Centers and Universities in many places including Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Spain, The USA, and Venezuela.

His work was selected to represent Nicaragua in the XIII Art Salon: Identity Imprint: A Glance at Ibero-American Printmaking at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, DC. The V Biennial of Caribbean with the Umbrellas Project, Dominican Republic. The III World Body Art Conference in Venezuela, The 7th, 8th, 9th Lessedra World Art Pint Annual, Sofia, Bulgaria and the 8th Triennial - Mondial de L’Estampe et de la Gravure Originale, Chamalieres, France. He also has created many installations in public spaces in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

*Their works are include in many private and public collections.

Expressions Graphics.
29 Harrison St. Oak Park, IL 60304

Gallery Hours:

Friday – Saturday 1-4 PM or by appointment

Our gallery is run by Volunteers: Please call ahead to insure we’re open. 708-386-3552

Expressions Graphics is a not for profit printmaking group partially funded by the OPAAC, in partnership with the Villages of Oak Park, Forest Park and River Forest, and the IAC, a state agency, also its members and Northern Trust Bank. 

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Thresholds to Conservation

In 2009 I was invited to participate on the Collaborative Limited Edition Printmaking Portfolio and I created for this project the linocut "Ofrenda" (after Gauguin). Last year the portfolio was realised and was presented at the Art House Gallery in McAllen, Texas, and now it wil be exhibiting at Expressions Graphics Gallery in Oak Park, IL.

Thresholds to Conservation

Thresholds to Conservation is the first Rio Grande Valley Collaborative printmaking portfolio produced in response to a call for artist, printmakers, and educators by Reynaldo Santiago, curator at the Art House Gallery in McAllen, Texas. Invited to participate in the portfolio are a unique group of international and local artists who have interpreted images, each with a specific message, based on the title via a variety of printmaking techniques. All prints are original, hand pulled, and signed by the artist.

"Ofrenda". Print by Carlos Barberena

Participating artists include:
René Arceo, Carlos Barberena, Linda Lewis, Benjamín Martínez, Will Martin, Reynaldo Santiago, Janet Schill, Paul Valadez, María Elena Macías, Isaac Santiago, Ramiro Paz, Xavier Garza.

Opening Reception: April 15, 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Expressions Graphics Gallery. 29 Harrison St. Oak Park, IL 60304

lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

6th KIWA Woodblock Exhibition

I am exhibiting on the International Woodprint Exhibition: The 6th KIWA / "Enjoying the Forest of World Wood prints" at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art - Annex, Kyoto, Japan.

The KIWA (Kyoto International Woodprint Association) Exhibition is the largest contemporary woodblock exhibition in the world. It is held every four years and then goes on tour. This year are participating on the exhibit 300 artists from 45 countries. So, I am glad to be part of this project and representing my country Nicaragua with my woodprints.

6th KIWA

martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Master Prints and Años de Miedo at NEIU - El Centro Campus, Chicago

Northeastern Illinois University - El Centro Campus Invites you to the Art Exhibit Opening Reception: Master Prints and Años de Miedo by Carlos Barberena.

Carlos Barberena art exhibit 

Friday March 11, 2011 5:00PM - 8:00PM
Northeastern Illinois University - El Centro Campus 3119 North Pulaski, Chicago Illinois 60641 (One block south of Belmont) Open to Public: March 11 through April 29, 2011.

Carlos Barberena is a Nicaraguan self-taught visual artist based in Chicago.
"Master Prints" series: In this series Barberena employs the process of appropriating master pieces of art, using at times both their titles and compositional strategies but inserting contemporary imagery to create new works.

"Años de Miedo": This print portfolio is a homage to the victims of war, based on his memories and the collective historical memory of Barberena's country (Nicaragua) in the decades of the 70's and 80's. But, at the same time, this does not mean that it is limited geographically, because it is the reality in many countries at present.

This Art Exhibit is Sponsored by: NEIU - El Centro Campus and the Art Department.

martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

Master Prints at NEIU Chicago

Northeastern Illinois University invites you to  join the Solo Exhibition of the nicaraguan printmaker Carlos Barberena: Master Prints at the Fine Arts Center Gallery - Upper Gallery. NEIU, Chicago.

"Monsanto" Linocut. 2010. Print by Carlos Barberena

Open to Public: February 21 - March 4, 2011.
Monday to Friday 10:00AM - 4:00PM
Master Prints 
Fine Arts Center Gallery - Upper Gallery. Northeastern Illinois University, 5500 N St Louis Ave. Chicago. IL 60625

viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Maestros del Arte Nicaraguense

El Instituto Nicaragüense de Cultura invita a la inauguración de la exposición"Maestros del Arte Nicaragüense" en el marco del VII Festival de Poesía de Granada 2011.

Maestros del Arte Nicaraguense
"Maestros del Arte Nicaraguense"/"Nicaraguan Art Masters"
Febrero 14, 4:00PM, Sala Asilia Guillén, Museo Antiguo Convento de San Francisco. Granada, Nicaragua. Febrero 14-28, 2011.
Miguel Angel Abarca/ Alberto Arguello/ Allan Arguello/ Alejandro Arostegui/ Aparicio Arthola/ Carlos Barberena/ Robert Barberena de la Rocha/ Guillermo Barraza/ Carlos Benard/ Silvio Bonilla/ Rafael Castellon/ Ernesto Cuadra/ Maria Gallo/ Celia Lacayo/ Carlos Montenegro/ Luis Morales Alonso/ Ricardo Morales/ Ilse Ortiz de Manzanares/ Roger Perez de la Rocha/ Sarah Lynn Pistorius/ Juan Rivas Alfaro/ Javier Sanchez/ Jose Trinidad Sandino/ Oscar Valladares/ Sergio Velasquez/ Alfonso Jimenez.

Master Prints

“Master Prints” Obra Gráfica de Carlos Barberena.
Las apropiaciones en la cultura visual y en el arte siempre han formado parte de la historia de la humanidad, el copiar, tomar prestado, imitar, re-contextualizar y asimilar costumbres de diversas culturas ha sido la forma en la que hemos aprendido, desarrollado y consolidado nuestra sociedad.
En las artes visuales podemos observar a los estudiantes de arte e inclusive algunos artistas establecidos copiar Obras Maestras, para así aprender de las diversas técnicas de los grandes maestros. Así mismo dentro de nuestra cotidianidad hacemos uso de las apropiaciones cuando citamos frases famosas, refranes hasta incluso los picaros priropos.
The Jungle
"The Jungle" after Lam. Linóleo 2010.
El movimiento de las apropiaciones en las artes visuales toma auge en el siglo XX, con las intervenciones de objetos no artísticos insertados a manera de collage en las pinturas cubistas de Picasso y Braque y se expande con los ready made de Duchamp y es seguido por la corriente dadaísta y posteriormente por los surrealistas sin embargo es con el arte pop en donde lo veremos mas a menudo en los “combines” de Rauschenberg, en los comics de Lichtenstein y en las apropiaciones de los productos de consumo en las serigrafías y pinturas de Warhol.
Durante los años 80’s sobresale Sherrie Levine con las apropiaciones fotográficas o reproducciones de obras maestras tituladas -Untitled after…- Otros artistas que militan en esta corriente apropiaciones son Barbara Kruger, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, entre otros…
Self-Portrait after Van Gogh
"Self-Portrait after Van Gogh" Xilografía. 2010.
Dentro de esta línea esta basado mi proyecto “Master Prints”, una serie de grabados en los cuales empleo el proceso de apropiación, variación e intervención  de “Obras Maestras”, usando en algunos casos sus títulos y estrategias de composición e insertándoles imágenes e iconos contemporáneos dentro de su contenido original que muchas veces transgrede o contradice su significado original creando así una nueva obra de arte.
Calavera Cañera
"Calavera Cañera" after Posada. Linóleo. 2010.
En esta serie de linóleos y xilografías quiero que el espectador pueda reconocer las imágenes que estoy interviniendo y espero que puedan asociar el significado de las imágenes originales con las nuevas ideas y cuestionamientos que planteo dentro de un nuevo contexto.
Me interesa que estas obras reflejen la problemática contemporánea que vivimos a diario: la contaminación ambiental, la explotación desmedida de los recursos naturales, el irrespeto a los derechos humanos, la violencia, los derechos laborales en bananeras y cañaverales, el consumismo, el monopolio de las grandes corporaciones, el uso desmedido de transgénicos, las guerras y el uso y abuso del poder.
La selección de estas obras no fueron al azar, en la mayoría seleccione obras que reflejaban la problemática social o política que se vivía en el tiempo que fueron producidas.

Master Prints en la Casa de los Tres Mundos

Master Prints Casa de los Tres Mundos